A truly intimate personal device


Timeless legacy

A classic round cushion design

A true symbol of 100 years of heritage.

Polished elegance that suits every occasion

Innovative finishes with special effects

To provide full protection for your timepiece

Anti-fingerprint coating, metal bezel and special finish process

Ingenious combinations give birth to timepieces representative of

fashion that transcends time and trends

A wide selection of different dials

Innate delicacy and perfection down to the smallest detail

Crafted with flawless attention to quality and detail

A true work of art created in a time-honored fashion

Colorful straps,

Easy to match with

the richly diversified dials

Original straps made of high-quality top-grain leather

A 24-mm universal band join means you are free

to use your own

A selection of straps in a myriad of colors

Available for further expression of your personal style

We make sure you have more options at hand

Hyperfine TF screen

TF Screen,

Bringing you a brand new reading experience under direct sunlight

Specially crafted TF screen previously only used by the military and in the aerospace industry

Allows instant switching between a high definition LCD color display or an e-ink screen.

Excellent precision and clarity even under direct sunlight

The screen time face is always visible – there is no need to wake it from sleep to check the time.

Dragontrail glass

The latest Dragontrail glass, manufactured by AGC in Japan, is used for the screen.

High quality Dragontrail glass boasts outstanding scratch- and shock-resistance

Charging is a very simple task

Wearing a watch is nothing new, but charging it is a new story. We have made

this as simple as possible. GEAK Watch II uses a magnetic cradle that

automatically guides the magnet charging coil and snaps the charger in place.

This conveniently allows data-transfer while charging is being done.

A smart watch to usher in the smart era

and reveal real world charm