GEAKWatch II Pro
Crafted in stainless steel with a brushed finish.
Paired with an intricate and luxurious
top-grain leather strap.
Boasts a battery life 20% longer
than the GEAK Watch II Standard
on a single charge.
Includes a built-in heart rate monitor
and the GEAK Voice Recognition.
GEAKWatch II Standard
A fashionable way to add coolness and
Battery-saving TF screen allowing
an impressive battery life.
Energetic and buoyant–just like you.

Black or white,

to suit your taste


1.26-inch TF screen 320 * 320

Anti-fingerprint coating on the surface

Wireless network:

1.26-inch TF screen 320 * 320

Wlan 2.4GHz

Hardware parameters

Internal storage:

RAM : 384MB ROM 4G

18 days , 7 days

Standby mode Normal use

Battery life and charging method

Charging method:

Magnetic charging cradle

15 days , 6 days

Standby mode Normal use


Gyroscope and G-sensor

Built-in sensors


Gyroscope, G-sensor and heart rate monitor


Operating system


Applications and operating system

Built-in applications

GEAKWatch II Pro

RMB 2499


GEAKWatch II Standard

RMB 1999