More than smart

Discreet luxury or trendy elegance

A sleek piece that makes you

sparkle on all occasions

Perfect to give a trendy, sophisticated

modern allure to your basic look

Reveals your unique taste

A high-precision masterpiece crafted with a respect for time-transcending craftsmanship.

The GEAK Watch II automatically syncs the time with IAT with just a 0.05s lag from CUT. It will automatically set its time zone wherever you go.

An accurate fitness tracker that understands your needs like your personal trainer

understands your needs like your personal trainer

It records your health data, calorie consumption and heart rate and provides real-time feedback during a workout. It will guide you through a training session and motivate you to achieve a preset goal and even push the envelope.

It is accurate, smart and thoughtful.

The different dials reveal different facets of your personality

facets of your personality

Harmoniously blending the design ethos of vintage mechanical watches, simple lines borrowed from traditional three-hand models, high-tech appeal with a fascinating combination of various finishes, these iconic timepieces play with various colors and textures, resulting in an exquisite and fantastic masterpiece that will fill your everyday life with a unique hint of sparkle.

Control your time no matter where you are

It will add elegance to your wrist

now, and for years to come

A versatile collection with

numerous facets

Easy to mix and match for either a glam or sporty look

either a glam or sporty look